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Dear Parents:
1.   Please supply your child with:
A.  Diapers if needed.
B.  Change of clothing. Update clothes for each season or size change.
C. School bag.
D. Lunch for morning session and full day session.
E. A sheet for rest (for full day children).
We are going to send the sheets home every Friday. Please send a clean sheet at the beginning of each week.
2.  Appropriate clothing that the children can handle themselves should be Labeled with your child's name.
3.  If your child must be absent, please call the school to report the absence. This is especially important for children who require transportation
4.  Be sure the Release Authorization form is signed and on file. Your child will only be released to an authorized person. If any changes need tfr be made during the course of the year, please notify us and -we will make any necessary changes in Your child's form.
5.  If your child becomes ill at school, you will be notified at home, at work, or we may call the emergency number on your child's registration form. Temperature will be taken by Fever Scan and he will be isolated and made comfortable while he await pick-up.
6. The children will have a "Show and Tell" discussion period every Monday and Tuesday. Please help your child choose a small object to bring and describe.
7.  Please label everything your child brings to school.
8.  For the safety of all of the children -PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE PARK. DO NOT permit children to walk between cars.

Parent's Guide